A Tech Alliance between Cusco Aviation,LLC and CAG Consulting.

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Our Mission


 T3Tech’s mission is to provide a Complete Suite of Technical and Aircraft Ferry Services for Airlines and Aircraft Leasing companies. 

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Our Services



  1. Complete Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery Solutions for both Airline and Lessors
  2. A complete and dedicated Technical Services Platform for Aircraft Lessors
  3. Technical Asset Management
  4. Technical on-site inspections (technical review of airlines, mid lease review      of aircraft, scanning services, and aircraft repossessions)
  5. Airframe and Powerplant Records Review and Scanning services.
  6. Management of Airframe and  Powerplant Maintenance Events and Shop Visits
  7. Pre-purchase Technical Inspections 

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Who We Are


 Cusco Aviation, LLC  and CAG Aviation Consulting have joined forces to form a T3Tech, an Aviation Technical Services group, under the Leadership of Aviation Technical Experts Manuel E. Cordero and Cesar Guedez, and supplemented by the expertise of  Dave Thompson, Raul Mendez and Amelia Mafe. Manuel and Cesar  bring over 45 years of combined solid experience in the Aviation Technical Services Industry, having had senior level tenures at worldwide renown Aircraft Leasing companies and Airlines. 

T3Tech's Team

Our Team


Manuel E. Cordero, CEO

Manuel E. Cordero is T3Tech's founder, CEO and President; and CEO of Cusco Aviation, LLC , an Aircraft and Engine Leasing, Trading, Asset Management, and Technical Services Company which he founded in early 2016. Prior to founding Cusco Aviation, Manuel was responsible for the Technical group at Jackson Square Aviation as their Senior Vice President Technical Services. He was also part of the team who founded  Sky Holding and Jackson Square Aviation. Prior to joining Jackson Square Aviation, Manuel led the Technical teams at Sky Holding Company and Pegasus Aviation Finance company in San Francisco, California. Earlier during his career he also held senior technical roles at AWAS, Aeroperu , Americana de Aviacion and Aerochasqui.

During his various tenures, Manuel has provided expert advice on all technical and commercial aspects of lease, purchase and sale transactions and has had oversight of the leased aircraft assets. He has also managed all Maintenance Reserve Claims and approvals for modifications, and major maintenance events. Manuel also led transition efforts related to over 250 aircraft delivery, redeliveries and early terminations, including New Boeing and Airbus Aircraft deliveries . His 30 + year experience in the Aviation industry has provided him with a wealth of experience in the field of aircraft leasing from both the Lessee and Lessor’s perspective.

Manuel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fluid Dynamics, an FAA Commercial Pilot license and an FAA Certified Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics license; all obtained at the University of Illinois.


Cesar Guedez, Chief Operations Officer


Cesar Guedez, is founder and Chief Operations Officer at T3Tech, with over 23 years of experience in the aviation industry, started his career in an Airworthiness Engineering role at the Venezuelan CAA. He later transitioned to the MRO and Airline sector, having had roles as Quality Control and Quality Assurance Director, SVP of Engineering and Maintenance, Corporate VP of Operations, General Manager of Operations and Corporate Director of fleet Management and Acquisitions. His responsibilities have included leadership roles in Aircraft Purchase and Leasing projects, Aircraft Deliveries and Re-Deliveries, Fleet Transitions and Heavy Maintenance Management.  Cesar is currently the Owner and CEO of CAG Aviation Consulting, offering technical services, quality audits, technical training and on-site representation for Airlines and leasing Companies. 

Our Team (cont'd)

David Thompson, Senior Commercial Advisor

David Thompson, Senior Commercial Advisor

  •  Dave Thompson is an aircraft leasing professional with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry.  He has held leadership roles in some of the most prominent companies in the aircraft leasing space.  He is concurrently Senior Commercial Advisor to Cusco Aviation, LLC and has worked as President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for Sky Holding/Sky leasing from 2010 -2017.  Prior to Sky, Dave was EVP for Skyworks Leasing.  From 1994-2006, Dave was Managing Director with GATX Air, the aircraft leasing unit of GATX which was acquired by Macquarie AirFinance.  Dave Holds a B.A. in Economics from Middlebury College.  

Amelia Mafe, Senior VP Technical Operations


  •  Concurrently with being Cusco Aviation, LLC's Senior Technical Advisor, Amelia's latest Leasing experience was as Senior Vice President Marketing Americas for Sky Leasing.  Prior to joining Sky Holding, while at ILFC, Amelia was responsible for performing Maintenance reserve reimbursement evaluations, financial analysis and maintenance projections . Earlier during her career, she also held technical roles (maintenance and engineering) at Pegasus Aviation Company, Boeing, United Airlines and Cessna Aircraft. During her various tenures, Amelia has provided expert advice on all technical and commercial aspects of lease, purchase and sale transactions and has contributed in the oversight of the leased aircraft assets. She has also managed all non-engine Maintenance Reserve Claims.  Amelia holds an Executive Masters in Business administration, an FAA private Pilot license and an FAA Certified Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics license.   

Raul Mendez, Senior Flight Operations Advisor


  • Captain Raul Mendez has over 30 years of worldwide airline experience, having started his career in Viasa in 1971 and retirng from Centurion Air Cargo on 2006.
    He holds an FAA ATP licence and a BS in Business Administration.
    Since 2006 he has been the CEO of Aviation Logistics of America, among other aviation related topics, they have managed over 200 worldwide ferry flights, from B707's and A300's to B777's.
    Raul has been a pilot examiner for several training centers and Civil Aviation Authorities, including FAA.

Our Team (cont'd)

Raul Guillen, Senior Consultant


  • Raul E. Guillen is Project Manager for T3Tech based in Lima, Peru. Prior to T3Tech, Raul leveraged his technical consultant experience to support Aircraft lean be highlighted.been as technical representative on-site in leasing  His aviation technical experience also stems from his tenures at the Engineering department in commercial airlines, where he managed their fleet airframe and powerplant maintenance programs. His 15 years’ experience in the Aviation industry has provided him field experience in maintenance inspections, airframe checks, major modifications, technical records, pre-purchase inspections, physical inspections & technical reviews. His experience also encompasses aircraft lease redeliveries and ferry flight project management.  Raul holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from The National University of Engineering in Peru and an MBA from the San Pablo University in Spain. 

Robert Hancuff, Marketing Advisor


  •   Robert has been directly related with Aircraft Leasing and Asset Management for 17 years. He started at AWAS in September 2001, was initially involved in the Data Management team, participating in the creation of the Technical Database. Through the years Robert progressed to managing the on-site activities at AWAS. From January 2016 to June 2018, Robert was the Vice President of Technical Services at Compass Aviation Group. His responsibilities included managing on-site activities for customers, Aircraft Redelivery and Deliveries, Pre-Purchase Inspections for lessors and conforming aircraft for the FAA Part 135 environment. Robert is currently the President and owner of Hancuff Aviation LLC an Aircraft Leasing and Asset Management Company.  

Jesus Mora, Senior Advisor, Business Development


  • Jesus has over 35 years experience in operations, fleet management, international sales and product support in the aviation industry.  He boasts tenures at the Venezuelan Aviation Authority, Aircraft Parts supply companies, as well as Fleet Management leadership roles at various airlines.  Jesus' leadership and strong relationships during his career brings added value to developing new business to T3Tech.  Jesus is a graduate of the  Master programs in Business Administration and Aeronautical science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach campus.  He also holds a Private Pilots license.

Williams Casadiego, Senior Technical Training Consultant


  •  Highly  experienced Aircraft Technician and Aviation Technical Instructor with more than 35 year experience in Airlines , MRO’s and the Aviation Technical Training sector. He has represented several airlines and leasing companies as technical manager worldwide.  Williams is a  highly qualified professional with excellent skills in the Aircraft and Engine Maintenance, Purchasing and Leasing processes.  In addition he is a certified Boeing and Airbus Technical  and Simulator instructor.  Williams is based in Miami, Florida. 

Veriuschka Perez, Senior Consultant


  •  Veriuschka is an international manager and technical consultant with multi-cultural experience over 21 years aviation experience. She holds an Aeronautical Engineering Degree and Master’s degree in Business Administration. Result –Oriented Professional with extensive experience streamlining diverse range of Aviation Operation, including Quality Assurance and Quality Control Management, Project Management in Airline Certification under ISO and IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Standards, Recovering aircraft maintenance records for redelivery to aircraft leasing companies. Multi-lingual with operational command over Portuguese, Spanish, English and Russian.  Veriuschka is actually the General Director and Founder of Vieraviat Consulting Ltd, in Maputo, Mozambique. 

Maldo Palma, Senior Consultant


  •  Maldo is a highly motivated, disciplined and resourceful Aeronautical Engineer and MBA student with over 10 years of experience in aircraft maintenance and maintenance management.   Maldo's experience stems from his former tenures at airlines and aircraft leasing companies in roles related to aircraft deliveries, redeliveries and early terminations.  He is an efficient, organized leader with success in coordinating efforts within internal-external teams to reach expectations and goals.  

Our Services

Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery Solutions


Complete Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery Solutions for both Airline and Lessors, so that you can focus on your core business.

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Airframe, Engine and Component Records Review


Complete Airframe, Engine and Component Records Review,

Back to Birth (B2B) Engine and Component review

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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Surveillance Inspections

Lease Term Inspections

Shop Visit Management

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